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The Program // Tools & Technology

Kayakpro O1-M erg with Kayakpro iRace Express and eMonitorPRO2 Software

Kaya Pro O1-M is the nucleus of the Paddle Dojo. The reason why the Paddle Dojo has gone with Kayak Pro O1-M versus other products is due to the following:

  • Sport specific ergonomics- The MultiStroke feels like DB or Outrigger paddling. It is designed this way.
  • Real quantifiable computer / data feedback that relates to real DB / Outrigger values.
  • Athlete weight adjusted.
  • Variable set –ups to customize and accommodate variable resistances, seating, shaft length.
  • All the major countries that excel and exceed in World DB / Outrigger World Champ environments – have adopted our Ergometers as the Gold standard. Canada, China Australia, - the foremost performers at WC’s have all adapted our Ergometers as the testing and training Ergometers. Please see references on our website.
  • Software interfaces for club team racing and training.

If you’re wanting to know more about the KayakPro the Paddle Dojo is proud to be part of the Kayak Pro ambassador program so feel free to ask us any questions about the device.

Kamanu Composites OC1 canoes
as well as OC2, On-board Training Lab*

OC1 Pueo X and Pueo 2

The Paddle Dojo has elected to utilize both the Pueo2 and PueoX as the OC1’s of choice simply due to their versatility. These two types of canoes offer the ability for the Paddle Dojo to align a paddlers workout based on their required needs. Having both the Pueo2 and PueoX at our disposal offers paddlers a various perspective as to where exactly they place their power and how they release their blades out of the water. In short, both Kamanu OC1’s allow the Paddle Dojo to provide a water platform that provides both consistency and variability while training paddlers on the water.

HippoStick Paddles

The Paddle Dojo is proud to announce that any/all clients at the Paddle Dojo will get an opportunity to try out/demo HippoSticks paddle blades and purchase them at a special PaddleDojo member price.

NK SpeedCoach Interval Devices

(can loan out if needed)

MotionizeMe Sensors and Software

Motionize Sensor
(can loan out if needed)

GoPro Cameras

Capture every part of your stroke for analysis.

(can loan out if needed)

Garmin Virb and Garmin Vivoactive HR

Measurable data tailored to your activity

Autel X-Star Premium Drone

Get stunning aerial videos at 4k!

* Various GoPro cameras mounted on seat 1 of a OC2 with a coach sitting behind you.


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"If you are looking for a good stroke technician to help you get a better canoe stroke, you should give Red a try. After having taking a break from OC6 paddling, I am back at it this year. Learning the unlimited stroke has been a work in progress as I have to break bad habit and muscle memory. A session at Red's dojo has really been a catalyst to understanding this new stroke. Red video taped me, analyzed my stroke application in details, then broke down in details areas that I needed to focus on. Red is passionate about teaching the paddle stroke, he frequently reaches out to the best technician in California (Ching, Terrel, Puakea) to keep up to date with the latest technique. I will definitively come back to the Dojo for more"
~ Guillaume Escarguel

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