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The Program // Overview

Benefits: Some of the things the Paddle Dojo can help identify:

  • Paddler’s catch
  • The amount of power generated during the stroke
  • The amount of power being negated during the stroke
  • Speed
  • Stroke per minute
  • Distance per stroke
  • Hand/Arm placement
  • Proper utilization of muscle groups
  • Blade angle at entry
  • Which side is more efficient i.e. Left or Right
  • And many more!


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"I went to Red's paddling "dojo" when I decided I wanted to get serious about paddling in an outrigger canoe club. His attention to the smaller details of my stroke has helped tremendously. I'm a bigger guy , I've always been strong but I was "leaking" some power in different phases of my stroke. Video and data supported those issues I was having , so after few sessions we were able to analyze and refocus our attention to those "leaking " areas. Now I'm feeling more and more confident about my own paddling abilities and have seen significant results in my oc 1 and oc 6 placement. I go back often now so I can compare my progress to where I was before."
~ Tony Kendall

The Paddle Dojo

Phone - 619-846-4880 | Email - rpedrick@paddledojo.com