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Dan Miller

Dan’s journey pretty much began in 2014 while he was living in Texas studying for the medical board exam. One day he was outside riding his mountain bike after long day of studying trying to just take a load off when he got into a huge mountain bike accident. His front wheel was bent on a rock while traveling at a very high-speed and he crashed into the oak tree, breaking all his ribs, most of his spine, and scapula. It was a miracle that he was found in the woods that night and it’s a miracle that he could live through that crazy event.

While recovering from his accident Dan was watching his daughter train on her standup paddleboard in San Diego, he decided to buy a stand-up paddleboard to connect with his little girl and find another way to rehab from his injuries. Having never done stand up before, it was safe to say his daughter was dusting him in her wake for some sometime.

In a short time, Dan started competing in small venue races, within three months after he was competing against some of the more talented surfers and paddlers in California and was soon winning almost everything he competed in. For Dan getting on the paddle board was a life changing moment and in his own words:

“It was so much fun and I was good at it, but mostly, I was alive and stoked to be able to compete at something so fun!”

Dan has moved to Canada to work in Calgary and gain some sports medicine and orthopedic skills while he waits to get placed into a family medicine residency back in California. He had recently competed in the Canadian National Championships and placed 2nd!! Earning him a place into Team Canada!

“I was surprised and ecstatic and soon was invited to join Team Canada and compete in the International Surf Associations World Championships in Copenhagen Denmark this fall, the same team and organization that will be vying for spots on the Olympic team at the next summer Olympics.”


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"As a long distance SUP Paddler and new to the sport of team outrigger canoe racing, the "PaddleDojo" experience and one on one coaching providing me with the extra advantage. Unless you see video supported by data, you'll never truly improve on your areas of weakness. Pro teams use this technology everyday....you can go out and bang all you want but fine tuning the basics will always get you more with respect to more advanced techniques. Proof is codified in data and that's what the "PaddleDojo" gives you!"
~ Chris Connelly

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