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The following coaches and paddlers have inspired my curriculum. Be it through hours on the water, or amazing clinics and technique QA sessions. The paddling world is better because of individuals like these. And the Paddle Dojo and its curriculum is based on what they have taught me.

Chris Hill - Chris was the first coach to help bring awareness as to what exactly I was doing when my paddle was in the water. He taught me about the catch and how it applies to the stroke and everything else in between. Having the challenge to coach others from various clubs he set the right example when it came to emphasizing what he was teaching today may not be the case tomorrow so be flexible but more importantly always defer to your coaches program. Incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share, Chris really showed and helped me as a paddler and later on as a coach on how to present/share that wisdom with others. At the same time he also brought awareness as to how specific off the water workouts could really help translate back into the watercraft. All in all if it wasn’t for Chris, I really don’t believe the PaddleDojo would be around nor would I have the privilege/honor to be coaching others. You can find Coach Chris working that same example/passion as a coach for one of the premier fitness facilities located in San Diego via http://perform-360.com.
Jim Foti - Jim in my opinion is the Dalai Lama of paddling and he is just absolutely amazing! He was the first coach that I had the opportunity to work with out in Hawaii. Jim not only reinforced proper paddling mechanics but more importantly he made me realized the importance to paddle with the mindset that you are on the most powerful entity on this planet. As such, you should always show it respect by not being heavy hearted otherwise it will cool you off real quick like. He also presented various OC1s for me to paddle in and really brought the awareness that in order to do well you first need to be comfortable on both your canoe and on the water. Jim really taught me how to personalized my training by always keeping in the back of my mind that no matter who or what type of athlete you are working with you always have to remember that we paddle to have fun. I highly recommend seeking him out and signing up for one of his clinics. They certainly provide training for various skillsets and you can find him and his equally amazing brother John sharing their wisdom out in Oahu. You can get more info on what they provide via www.fotibros.com.

Nathan Salazar - Nathan (aka Nath) was my first Dragonboat coach and is the head coach for Team DPW out of Los Angeles, CA. He is currently one of the more sought after coaches in the Dragonboat community and he continues to help perpetuate the sport by going all over the country and coaching other clubs on a number of components of the stroke. Nath really helped me understand the importance of putting your body into the stroke. Outside of him saving me hundreds of dollars from buying K.T. Tape Nath really helped me to understand that understanding the stroke is an ongoing process in where having an open heart first and foremost will allow for change to happen. His ability to train whomever, wherever and whenever has made him not only a success as a coach but an incredible success within the Dragonboat community. You can find him and his crew training out of the Sante Fe Dam out in L.A. County and I guarantee you, he will always have a seat for you! www.teamdpw.org.
Manutea Owens - If he’s not hanging out with the Kamanu boys out in Hawaii you can find him back home living the good life out in Tahiti with his beautiful family. Manutea taught me the importance of precision and connecting with not only the stroke but also the canoe and water. He was the first to teach me how it should feel like when paddling by having me jump into a V1 (Rudderless). He then worked closely with me to understand the importance on where I should place my power and where I should let it go. When he asked me how did it feel paddling a V1 I simply replied “I feel as if I was deaf man who can now hear for the first time”. Manutea also taught me the importance of the more intangible elements when it came to team paddling. In that you can have a crew of amazing individual athletes but if there is no trust amongst them then there is no team. Manutea also taught me the importance of putting humor and relatability when it came to sharing ones perspective on the paddle stroke. If you happen to see him being advertised as an instructor for a clinic you have to sign up and hang out with Manutea! The crew from Kamanu typically have him come to Hawaii and you can keep an eye on when they are having clinics via www.kamanucomposities.com.

Luke Evslin - You can find Luke out in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai along with his team of mad scientist in Oahu, i.e. Kamanu Composites. Luke’s quiet and unassuming demeanor is definitely an endearing quality that I was fortunate to experience. Behind that demeanor is a man who is incredibly analytical and observant. The only thing that rivals his calculating mind is his deep sincerity to see others do well. Luke was instrumental in ways I never thought to imagine, in that he was the first coach that leveraged technology to identify on what I could improve upon BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY what I actually did well to help build that foundation to address my weaknesses. He also listened carefully to what others were asking/commenting and processed those questions and comments in a way that a group of 10 could feel as if he was speaking directly to each of us individually. Luke also taught me the importance of accessibility, corresponding with Luke from time to time made me realized that to inspire others you should also be willing to make yourself available. This was before him and his wife had a beautiful baby so do give him slack if he doesn’t get back to you like he used to. Along with being a coach I have to say him and his crew out in Kamanu Composites make amazing OC1s. Now don’t get me wrong there are other AMAZING canoe makers out there but hands down for ME the Pueo and PueoX are just by far the best canoes out there and not to mention for my Okole (i.e. butt). You can find more about Luke and Kamanu Composites via www.kamanucomposities.com.
Danny Ching - What more else do I have to say other than Danny’s name? Danny pretty much was the capstone in my own personal journey to become a better paddler but is the first to lead me onto a completely new path to become an even better coach. Danny helped me put all that I have learned together and helped me realized the importance of having a broad vocabulary. As a new coach I found challenges that I wasn’t quite ready for. Sure I had learned technique as a paddler from some of the best paddlers all over but how could I apply all that amazing wisdom in a format for the most novice to the most advanced paddlers (i.e. former Olympians) to understand. Needless to say Danny’s experience and wisdom was exactly what I needed to proceed forward as a coach and to help propel others. Danny taught me the importance of being creative and working on the fly, whenever I gave Danny a deer in headlights look he immediately shifted gears until he saw the buzzer go off in my brain housing group. Then he emphasized what I just learned and how to present that in a coaching format. The one key thing I learned from Danny is to be inclusive and no matter what, exercise enthusiasm when presented with a challenge. Because of Danny, I learned that whenever a paddler says “I don’t know what you mean?” to take that as an opportunity to expand my perspective and be emphatic at the same time enthusiastic because now both paddler and coach have something new to learn together. All in all Danny’s charisma and willingness to help was something I think all aspiring paddlers and coaches would like to emulate. If he’s ever offering a clinic or offering one on one training, YOU HAVE to jump on the opportunity! You can get more info on his whereabouts via his facebook page at www.facebook.com/dannyching404 or via his commercial website https://404basecamp.com.


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"I used to be a former competitive paddler for over a decade, competing as a pro and competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in high kneel canoe. I have taken a big step back and focused on my business as a personal trainer these past two years. Needless to say I am bit rusty with paddling mechanics. I got to experience the paddledojo and a had a great refresher of proper technique. Although I haven't paddle in over a year, I was able to win my age division at the 2017 Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge in the SUP 14' board category. A win I largely attribute to the feedback and data Red was able to provide from his services. This is experience is a must for any paddler wanting to improve in all aspects."
~ Sean Pangelinan (aka Sean P. the Trainer)

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